About us

Hey! We are Little Beans, beginners skateboard tuition based in the South East, England. With over 12 years of experience in skateboarding our coaches will help get you started and improving through either our 1:1 or Group lessons.

Who and Where?

At Little Beans our passion for skating is second to none and that passion shines through in our efforts to teach. We pride ourselves on expert advice and tuition in a friendly and relaxed manor to create the best environment to learn in. The majority of our lessons are hosted at River Park Skatepark, Winchester. We see the park as a perfect place to start your journey or improve on your already exciting journey through the world of skateboarding. Due to its diverse set of ramps starting at small flat banks and a 3 foot mini, all the way to a bowl with a 8 foot ramp it encourages progression that isn’t too rushed or out of reach. However, we are happy to travel at your convenience and come to your local park.

We’re all in this together…

Skateboarding is a community that is ever growing and due to its recent introduction to the Olympics it’s making its way into the living rooms of people all over the globe. Once a hugely male dominated sport, skating is becoming increasingly popular with girls and this is a massive positive. At Little Beans we want to encourage anyone and everyone to try and get involved with an activity that we feel breaks down barriers, creates inclusion and helps an individual with mindfulness and self growth.

Our Lessons

Our 1:1 lessons are the best way to make quick progression due to them being custom fit to suit your needs and level of skating. Depending on what level you are at our coaches will ensure they create a bespoke lesson that caters entirely to your requirements. Wether you are new to skating completely or looking to improve in a certain area, our 1:1 sessions will focus on the areas you wish to improve.

Our group lessons for beginners are a great way to introduce yourself to skating, meet new people and learn the basics. The lessons include, How to use the park properly and safely, teaching you lines, orientation, etiquette and which way to look. Learning to step on and off the board safely, basic foot position, posture and using ramps. As well as the basics of The Ollie and Pop Shuv; two tricks which are the foundation to any skateboarding manoeuvre.